July,  2021

Nipawin Exhibition Grounds, Central Park


Light horses are any breed of horse that is used primarily for riding or for light work such as pulling buggies. Light horses have their origin in the Middle East and North Africa. All modern breeds of light horse trace their origins to the Arabian horse, usually through the Thoroughbred.

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Light Horse Committee:
The Light Horse Committee would like to welcome one and all to our annual Exhibition. We would like to invite you to make your views known to the committee. We wish you Good Luck, Good Friends, Good Sportsmanship, and Good Fun!

Director:   Avery Ens     
Junior Directors:  Olivia Pannell, Zoe Pannell, Sophia Pannell, Lauren Demmans, Sarah Demmans, Haley Demmans

Thanks to the increased support of our competitors in all show divisions, Nipawin Exhibition Association has seen an increase in the number of competitors in all our shows (light horse, 3D barrels, heavy horse, beef and chariots & wagons). In order to accommodate the increase the Association has had to make some changes in how camping spots are allocated. Camping on the Exhibition Grounds will be limited to competitors and exhibitors only. One unit with living quarters will be allowed per family. If you do not have a livestock trailer with living quarters you will be allowed one camping trailer in addition to the trailer(s) required for your livestock and equipment.

Camping in the treed area of the exhibition grounds will be limited to trailers 30’ and under. Campsites will be marked and we ask that everyone be respectful of each other’s space. Camp spots and power are available on a first come – first served basis. Due to the limitations of the power service we ask that air conditioning not be used as this will trip breakers

Trailers longer than 30’ will be asked to park on the grassed area south and east of Light Horse Show Ring. This area does not have electricity so you will have to bring your generator.

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Nipawin Ex-1

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