July,  2021

Nipawin Exhibition Grounds, Central Park

Announcement - 2020 Nipawin Exhibition Cancelled

Covid-19 has altered the way in which we live.  Social distancing requires that we maintain a much more isolated life than we are accustomed to.  We do, however, need to do this for the sake of everyone; ourselves, our families, our communities and our Province.


We have no idea when the virus will be at a stage where social distancing is no longer required.  What we do know is once that occurs the healing process will begin.  There will be physical healing, emotional healing, but there will also be financial healing. 


The Nipawin Exhibition Association is very fortunate as we have continually had the support of our communities and the people and businesses that make up those communities.  Businesses have closed their doors or have drastically changed the way they operate.  Residents of our communities have been laid off and many are unsure of what their future holds.  These businesses and residents are the same people who have continued to support us year after year.  They are the people we count on to write the sponsorship cheques, to work at the gates, to volunteer at events, and bring their families through the gates to support us.


The Executive of the Nipawin Exhibition Association have decided it is now our turn to support all of you.  We do not want to be the organization that is focused solely on our event ignoring the cost to everyone else for sponsorships, midway ride passes, daily passes, or for anything else that attending the Exhibition entails. 


Therefore, as heart-wrenching as this is for us, for the first time since 1970 we will not be hosting an Exhibition in July 2020.  Believe me when I say this has been a very emotional journey to get to this outcome, but it is the right decision for us to make.  This will be a year of rebuilding for our communities so we will rebuild with you.  We will take this opportunity to fine-tune some things, maybe put a little lipstick on some of our favourite piggies, like the heavy horse barn, work on the racetrack and who knows what else.


In closing, please stay well, social distance, and remain Saskatchewan strong! 


2021 Exhibition looks forward to seeing you there.


Debra Lacheur


Winners of 2019 Fair Kid's Colouring Contest

Our Colouring Contest Winners Vaughn and Royce testing out the fun of the Midway! Congratulations on winning West Coast Amusements Ride Wristbands!

Harper enjoys her unlimited West Coast Amusements Ride Pass as a winner of our Colouring Contest!


Great Work Harper!


The Nipawin Exhibition has enjoyed increased support by it's exhibitors over the past couple years and we thank them for their support. In order to accommodate the increased number of exhibtors we have to limit camping on the fair grounds to people competing in our shows. We ask that our faithful attenders and family members that come to watch events, but not compete, make camping arrangements at the Nipawin Regional Park or the Nipawin Motor Inn. You can reach the Regional Park at 306-862-3237 and the Nipawin Motor Inn at 306-862-3911.